New Software Release: 4-Button & 8-Button Keypad Support!

We have included Support for our new 4 & 8-Button Keypads which are available below: 



With purchase of the Keypad, we have created free programs to get your keypad and Control Module working together right away! Test programs available for download here.

Simply download the program from our site, then upload to your Control Module using Kaizen Relay Manager. Once the program is uploaded to the Control Module, then connect the CAN Hi/Lo from the keypad to the appropriate pins on the Control Module and each output will turn on and stay on (latching) with the corresponding button (Button1 = Output1, Button2 = Output2). 

More elaborate programs can be created, as described below and seen here

  • Kaizen Speed Custom Keypad Backlight
  • Button 1 configured for 3 stages to control Output 1
    • Stage 0: Output 1 Off, Violet Backlight
    • Stage 1: Output 1 30%, Green Backlight
    • Stage 2: Output 1 60%, Yellow Backlight
    • Stage 3: Output 1 100%, Red Backlight
  • Button 2 configured for Latched On/ Off control of Output 2
    • Off: Output 2 Off, No Backlight
    • On: Output 2 On, Red Backlight Flashing
  • Button 3 configured for Momentary control of Output 3
    • Off: Output 3 Off, No Backlight
    • On: Output 3 On, Red Backlight
  • Button 4 configured to change backlight based on Trim Pot Position:
    • Trim Pot Position 1: Green Backlight
    • Trim Pot Position 2: Yellow Backlight
    • Trim Pot 3 to 12: Red Backlight
    • Button Backlight Aqua when actively depressed (regardless of Trim Pot position)



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