The Kaizen Relay
Ecosystem for B2B

The Kaizen Relay ecosystem of products is specifically designed for B2B
applications. We offer private label hardware and software solutions using the
Kaizen Relay and Control Module.

Solutions include CAN bus reverse engineering and plug-n-play harnessing.
You can come to us with an idea, and we’ll make it a reality – with YOUR PART
NUMBER. Everything we develop belongs to you.

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Hire a Development Partner

Are you looking to develop a custom CAN-enabled device but lack the
resources or expertise?

You can hire Kaizen Speed or a Development Partner, to create a custom
CAN-enabled device and be up and running in just a few days!

We offer a collaborative approach and will work alongside you virtually.
Usually this is done using our Reverse Engineering Kit connected to your
vehicle while we’re remotely connected via Teamviewer or Anydesk. We will
identify the necessary CAN-addresses and create a custom program to drive any
aftermarket device from a boost solenoid to a fuel pump, light bar, cooling fan
or anything you can think of! Once created, it belongs to you and becomes your

Customization Options

We offer a rangeof private label options to align with your branding strategy. Customize our hardware with your company logo and branding to create a cohesive identity for your control systems. We're also happy to provide advertising, linking, and endorsement support to help promote your products.

Custom Wire Harnessing

We offer custom harnessing services for your own hardware products using Kaizen Relays!

Our harnessing services include identifying and sourcing of vehicle specific connectors and aiding in the design process from wire selection to custom designed mounting solutions. In conjunction with custom software we can help you create CAN-enabled devices that are year/make/model specific!

So whether you need an IC pump controller that uses factory CAN messages such as RPM, Throttle, and Wheelspeed, or you just need manual activation using existing buttons such as steering wheel mounted cruise control buttons – we can help bring your concept to life!

We have the capability to produce custom harnesses in the range of 25-200 pieces per order. If you have an idea – even just a napkin sketch, use the contact form below and let’s start a conversation!  

Control Module and Software

Our Control Module is an optional accessory that enhances the capabilities of the Kaizen Relay. It conveniently connects to the side of a Kaizen Relay without requiring any tools. The Control Module allows for activation via CAN inputs or analog inputs, providing flexibility for different application requirements. With the ability to create application-specific programs and programmable via micro USB, our Control Module empowers customization. It features three outputs, three analog inputs, and single CANbus communication. Additionally, the Control Module can also function as an Analog to CAN converter, expanding its utility. Experience the seamless integration of hardware and software for advanced control solutions.

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