Kaizen Relay Video Tutorials

Kaizen Relay CAN Keypad + Trim Pot Overview

This is an overview demonstrating the functionality of the Relay Control Module in conjunction with a CANbus Keypad and a Trim Pot. The CAN keypad showcased in the video is configurable and works seamlessly with the Control Module. Please be aware that while the Kaizen Relay Control Module is compatible with all CANbus keypads, the programs featured in the video are specifically designed for our keypad available on our platform.

Kaizen Relay Wiring Demonstration

This short demonstration provides step-by-step instructions
on how to easily insert wires into the Kaizen Relays.

Kaizen Relay Interconnectable Relays

In this brief demonstration, witness the seamless "click" mechanism of the
Kaizen Relays as they connect and lock into place.

Uploading a Program With Kaizen Relay Manager

This video shows how to upload a .HEX file to a Control Module using Kaizen Relay Manager and demonstrates the monitor functions within the software.