About Us

Kaizen Speed, LLC started in 2003 specializing in performance modifications for 90's imports.

Inception (2003-2005)

Kaizen Speed, LLC began in a green shag carpeted bedroom with our first product, the Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit. By 2004 we were in a back yard shop where we specialized in custom turbo kits and performance modifications for 90’s imports. We quickly grew out of that space and in 2005 established our first commercial location with two employees and 1,000 square feet.

First Commercial Location (2005-2006)

Our first commercial location where we continued to offer engine swaps and custom turbo kits. We built our first magazine feature vehicle out of this shop. It had no A/C and no insulation. The summer was a literal oven and the winter was COLD. #goodtimes

Expansion & Honda Performance Focus

By 2007 we had moved into our existing 5,200 square foot building and purchased our first chassis dyno. We cut our teeth tuning every engine management system we could get our hands on. We continued to focus on Honda performance.

In 2010 we finished our flagship vehicle, the KS Tuned Outlaw Car which became the quickest and fastest class-legal H22 powered vehicle to date and stayed that way for nearly a decade. In 2011 we simplified KAIZENSPEED to include “KS Tuned” where we specialized in creating innovative, “never-done-before” Honda performance products and services.

Brand Separation and Podcast Launch (2015)

2015 brought a change where Kaizen Speed and KS Tuned became separate brands and we launched the Do It For A Living Podcast with the goal of helping talented up-and-comers make it in the performance industry!

Shifting Gears (2016-2019)

KS Tuned remained our Honda Performance brand, and Kaizen Speed became our brand focused on domestic performance services.

We split our social media accounts (@kstuned and @kaizenspeed). By the end of 2016 we had partnered with a local GM dealership to sell brand new Corvettes and Camaros with performance upgrades, complete with a written warranty! This turned out to be non-sustainable and by 2017 we began to focus heavily on product development.

New Era and Achievements (2019-2021)

2019 saw the beginning of a new era for Kaizen Speed, LLC as we introduced the Kaizen Relay concept at SEMA and won the SEMA Launch Pad competition! 2020 was the year of COVID-19 which slowed down our manufacturing plans. Early 2021 had manufacturing underway for the Kaizen Relay ecosystem of products as well as new products for KS Tuned!

The future is what we make of it. We will continuously improve ourselves and our processes!

- Reid Lunde, CEO & Founder