Kaizen Relay

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We're proud to introduce the most innovative solid state relay on the market. The Kaizen Relay sets the standard for what's possible with power electronics in motorsport. Whether you're involved in on or off-road racing including watersports, the Kaizen Relay is the solution for high current switching. Designed to be weather resistant and splash-proof, the Kaizen Relay allows additional relays to directly connect to adjacent Kaizen Relays and be instantly powered up using our patent pending interlock design. The interlocking connections on the side also allow our CAN module to attach and instantly convert a standard Kaizen Relay to a CAN triggering relay.

  • High-current solid-state relay with over current and over temperature protection
  • Allows additional relays to be connected and powered up instantly
  • Continuous high frequency switching at full capacity up to 1,000 Hz
  • Good for huge radiator fans, fuel pumps, nitrous solenoids, heavy current light bars, trans brakes, line locks, electric water pumps and nearly anything else you need to power.
  • CAN and Wireless Enabled Modules available separately

Additional modules can use the side ports to control the device with CAN messages or a wireless remote. 

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Manufacturer's Note: As of 2019 Kaizen Relays are assembled and tested one-by-one in Washington State. Every device is manufactured using resin 3d printers which makes for a tedious process. Because of this Kaizen Relays are available in extremely limited quantities and only to qualified testing partners. We anticipate that our design will be properly validated on the bench and in real-world racing conditions by 2020 and our 3d printed enclosures will be replaced with plastic injection molded enclosures. At that point manufacturing and mass-production of the electronics and PCBs can begin. Please email any questions to Reid@Kaizenspeed.com