Dyno Calibration


We offer professional EFI calibration using our Mainline Pro-Hub 3000 HP chassis dyno.


Dyno rental by the hour with your own tuner is also available, please contact us for more details and scheduling.

We specialize in HP Tuners, Hondata S300/K-Pro/FlashPro, eCtune, AEM EMS/Inifinty, Haltech, Motec, UpRev, and Cobb AccessPort.

Kaizen Speed is an authorized dealer and tuner for Hondata and HP Tuners.

HP Tuners:  Anything from a bolt-on Camaros to 1,000+ WHP Corvettes!  We specialize in tuning late model GM vehicles, Coyote Mustangs and Gen III Hemi platforms.  Our Mainline Pro-Hub dyno eliminates all wheel slip on high horsepower cars (and trucks) to ensure we're able to give you the most accurate calibration possible!  It also allows us to shift automatic transmission equipped vehicles on the dyno and precisely dial in the optimum shift points.

Please contact us for pricing on HP Tuners tuning.



Hondata K-Pro: The K-Series feature continuously variable cam timing and K-pro is set up with different maps for every 10 degrees of cam advance, with VTEC and NON-VTEC maps for fuel and ignition, that is 24 MAPS TO TUNE. We spend the time to tune all applicable maps which can mean 20+ hours on the dyno, depending on the application.  K-Pro tunes include full CELL-BY-CELL dyno tune of air/fuel ratio and ignition timing for all 24 maps, also included is cold start tuning, modifier table setup, and cam advance table tuning to ensure the best possible drivability and performance from your setup.

Please contact us for pricing on K-pro tuning.



Hondata S300 & eCtune:  We have the experience to ensure the best possible drivability and performance from your setup. We can configure boost-by-gear and even high and low boost settings at the flick of a switch. We can also configure secondary fuel and ignition tables which can easily be set for pump and race fuel all at the flick of a switch!

Please contact us for pricing on Hondata tuning.



Hondata FlashPro:  The FlashPro features full user control of fuel injector scaling, expandable fuel, ignition and cam angle tables for boost, support for the Hondata 4 BAR MAP sensor, on-board datalogging, launch control, and much more. With Flashpro you do NOT need to send your ECU in to be modified for the FlashPro to work! This is a must-have upgrade for your 2006 or newer Civic Si.

Please contact us for pricing on Flashpro tuning.



Cobb AccessPort Pro Tune:  We offer limited tuning services for Subaru and Ford EcoBoost vehicles supported by the Cobb AccessPort. 

Please contact us more details and pricing.



UpRev Performance Tuning Software:  We offer calibration services for most Nissan 350Z & 370Z platforms as well as Infiniti G35 & G37 platforms.  Make the most of your modifications with a custom calibration for your specific vehicle. 

Please contact us more details and pricing.



Standalone engine management (Motec, AEM, Haltech, etc): Depending on workload we offer tuning services for just about every engine management system. If you have a system that isn't listed on this page then shoot us an email. We can configure your ECU including setting up your outputs such as boost control, radiator fans, nitrous injection, etc. We can also provide maps tuned for alternate fuels such as E85 or race fuel.

Please contact us for pricing on standalone engine management tuning.