Control Module

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The Control Module directly attaches to any Kaizen Relay, receiving it's power through pogo pin interconnects. Control Modules can be programmed via micro USB to trigger the relay in either of the following ways: 

  1. Using any CAN data stream (such as your OBD2 port) or any aftermarket  ECU such as AEM, Haltech, Motec, Emtron, ProEFI, etc. 
  2. Using analog inputs such as a Coolant Temperature Sensor, TPS, MAP, or even ON/OFF switches! With the Control Module you can directly operate your relays using logic. Think of it as a mini-ECU!

The Control Module has the following Inputs/Outputs:

  • Inputs:
  • CAN input (CAN hi/lo)
  • (3) Analog Inputs


  • Outputs: 
  • (3) Analog Outputs (Two in addition to the output that directly interfaces the Kaizen Relay it's attached to for three total)

*The Kaizen Relay Control Module can also function as an Analog > CAN converter!

...available as a programmable device or pre-programmed for specific applications.

As of February 2021, manufacturing is underway! Available Summer 2021!