Polaris CANbus Pulse Bar Kit

SKU: KAI-5503
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This is the first and only power harness with the ability to control devices using vehicle data from the diagnostic port!

This plug-n-play power harness for 2016+ Polaris models with factory installed Pulse Bar  plugs directly into the factory Pulse Bar to provide power and ground to our Solid-State Kaizen Relay in order to power any device you want (up to 40 amps). The harness also has a diagnostic port breakout connector so you can access the vehicles CAN information and control up to three outputs via the Kaizen Relay Control Module. 


  • 2016+ (May fit other models as well) power supply harness with Pulse Bar Connector, Diagnostic Port Connector and 13ft Flying Lead to reach anywhere in the vehicle. 
  • Kaizen Relay
  • Control Module