Mike Siemion


Mike served as an Airman 2nd Class in the U.S Air Force from 1968-72. Mike's success was found in his entrepreneurial business adventures. He is also a board member for the Wenatchee Valley Corvette Club. He has always had a passion for high performance vehicles which landed him in to a C5 Corvette Z06. Wasn't long after he needed more power and had to add a supercharger. We met Mike at a Corvette car show where he talked about how terrible his car was running after the supercharger install. When asked about what was most important to him he said "quality and service." He wanted more power, muscle car sound and smoother drive-ability. He was the perfect candidate for a cam shaft upgrade and a tune. We ended up making 625 rear wheel horsepower while improving the sound and drive-ability. Now he can focus on other things, like enjoying his car.

When asked about his experience with us he said "you guys care about the small things. My car currently scares the shit out of me and I love that!" Since becoming a Family member of ours Mike has attended car shows and other events along with us. One thing he wants to be able to do soon is take his car down the track. His car has become a staple C5 Corvette Z06 for us. Welcome to the KAIZENSPEED Family Mike!  

Feel free to reach out to Mike with questions about his Corvette at msiemion@charter.net.