Mike Sams


 Mike has always been involved involved with aftermarket performance "I followed in my dad's footsteps when it came to cars. He was always had one in the driveway that he was rebuilding for resale." Later in life Mike went on to join the US Army and that took him away from his home in the Tri Cities for twelve years. He made his success in business doing his own engineering design business that took him all over the country. When asked what got him into the aftermarket performance, he said "I have always been a drag racer at Renegade and have recently done a bit of road coarse racing with Hooked On Driving." Mike owns several Camaros, '69 RS/SS 396, '73 RS Z28 LS3, '69 502 and a 2014 C7 Z51 Stingray Corvette. Of which we tuned his '73 Camaro Z28 LS3 swap, see video above about that. We also are doing our stage 3 package on this '14 C7 Z51 Stingwray Corvette. This involves a supercharger, camshaft and all supporting elements.

When it comes to being competitive Mike is at the top of that list "the main reason I went to Kaizenspeed... I was thinking about ways to make my Corvette more competitive and my friends were mentioning their name. I chose Kaizenspeed because of their reputation, money wasn't really a consideration. It's going to be expensive anywhere. I'm still working on my muscle cars at home but have no desire to get into the workings of the new Corvette."

As Mike was answering our questions he was approaching the date of his stage 3 package on his C7 Corvette. He told us that "I've never had any reason to complain or even return to the shop for a do over." This really speaks to our motto of Performance Done Right. "I think they (Kaizenspeed) have a lot to look forward to as they grow with the Tri Cities and I'm sure they will prosper with all of us."