About Us


Performance Done Right. We design, install and calibrate complete performance packages to transform your vehicle into a whole new experience.

 KAIZENSPEED is the result of listening to the call inside. The call from your gut that says “go out and build your thing!” In 2004 we were two guys in a backyard who spent all our time trying to build custom cars and learn as much as we could. By 2006 we were in our first commercial location, a 1,000 square foot three-bay shop. It was an old metal building with no insulation and in the 100 degree heat it would be 120+ in the shop. It felt like an oven. In the winter when it was 30 degrees outside, it was 30 degrees in the shop. By 2007 we had moved in to our current location and purchased our first chassis dyno. From then until 2014 we were focused on building a name for ourselves, learning as much as we could and most importantly making friends. We have a long list of customers locally and around the world that we can proudly call our friends and it’s because of those people that we are where we are today. It’s our goal to think differently and grow to a size that can influence the direction of the automotive aftermarket while not getting too big and losing touch with the people that matter the most.