Your CAN Projects Should Be Worth It

Your CAN Projects Should Be Worth It

First of all this Blog Post is for the enthusiast developers out there spending weeks and months reverse engineering a CAN bus system. I see this all the time: an enthusiast will ask some developer to come up with a specific use, let’s say: make a radiator fan turn on using a specific vehicle’s CAN data. The developer spends a couple days or maybe even weeks reverse engineering the CAN because it’s a rabbit hole of information. Then scope creep happens as the customer (who offered you $100) starts asking for more as he learns how capable CAN triggering can be. 

At the end you finish the project and the customer is happy but it was way more than $100 worth of work and you chalk it up to being a hobby so it’s OK. 

Sound familiar? 

Two things you can do to start moving the needle toward making money with your CAN abilities.

1. Get on our list of qualified developers so when companies or end users are looking for a developer they can find you.

2. Once you’re listed as a qualified developer you can sell your verified code on our App Store for whatever price it’s worth. 

With Kaizen Relay hardware you can load your code onto quality hardware and sell it as your own device. We’ve built in margin so you can make money on the hardware and the code, but most importantly it’s YOUR PRODUCT. So if you’ve developed a very specific use-case product you just need to put it on proven hardware so more potential customers know what it is so they feel comfortable buying it. Most people aren’t buying bare PCBs! That’s just for the geeks or super enthusiasts. Sticking it in a rectangle enclosure and potting it only opens the door a little because it’s still a mystery device. Using Kaizen Relay hardware helps new customers understand what it is so they feel comfortable purchasing.

Long story short, you’ll sell more units and get more return on your weeks of work when you use Kaizen Relay hardware. Plus your stuff will look sick! You’re smart, so your products need to look the part. Stop selling your hardware in plastic boxes designed in the 80’s you bought on mouser for $1.50. You’re better than that.

 You can even sell the code itself on our App Store so anyone with a Kaizen Relay CAN module with a Dev. License can buy your code and upload it to their Kaizen Relay CAN module.

In summary; the issue here is that bare PCBs with wiring soldered to them are never going to appeal to more than the super-enthusiasts. So if you want to have all that work be worthwhile by selling more than a couple devices then you’ll need to have it be on a legitimate product that’s readily available to everyone. That’s where the Kaizen Relay comes in. Contact me for more information.


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